Oil Drilling Grade Barite TLZ-DB302

Product Features:

API barite is produced from natural barium sulfate ores.

Our Barite Ore is 4.21 gravity and 90 purity, the processed Barite is milled to 200 mesh.

Commonly used as a weighting agent for all types of drilling fluids in oil and gas exploitation.

Talents drilling barite manufactured to meet or exceed all API 13A requirements.

Our drilling grade barite also can be used in applications with low purity and low whiteness requirements.

Product Features:
Oil Drilling Grade Barite Technical Date

Index &   StandardAPI StandardAnalysis   Result
Specific   Gravity4.20 g/cc, min4.21 g/cc, min
BaSO4/90%, min
SrSO4/1.5%, max
Hg1 ppm, max1 ppm, max
Cd3 ppm, max3 ppm, max
Pb1000 ppm, max500 ppm, max
As40 ppm, max20 ppm, max
SiO23%, max3%, max
Fe2O31% ,max1%, max
Carbonates3000 mg/l, max3000 mg/l, max
Water   Soluble Alkaline Earth Metals As Calcium250 mg/kg, max100 mg/kg, max
Natural Barium Sulfate Technical Data:

Product Models: 

Specific   gravity4.20
Grain size /   Particle size200 mesh

Packing: Bulk cargo, 1 Mt bags / 1.5 Mt bags or depends on the customers.

Application Areas:
Factory appearance:

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